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My homeland is in a world of hurt

Our executive branch of the federal government has failed us. Our legislative and judicial branches aren’t much better, though their added checks and balances make them less susceptible to corruption than our most popular branch of government, the one the POTUS oversees.

From my cursory vantage, here are some of the issues that concern me most, both from political and economical perspectives:

  1. We spend more money than we make at the Federal government level. Last I heard we were $900* trillion in debt and rising faster than ever thanks to China’s willingness to loan us money from that trillion plus reserve they are sitting on. Nothing against China, but negative cash flows are just bad business. That makes me worry about my country’s future, not to mention my IRA.
  2. We have overextended our defense resources. Can we pull out of Europe and Japan already? C’mon, this is ridiculous! Lets downsize this mug and focus our efforts stateside, at least for the time being.
  3. Our federal government has ballooned into a bureaucratic monster lacking in efficiency. Guess who pays for such inefficiencies? We do with wasted tax dollars.
  4. The Patriot Act and national ID card talk deprives citizens of privacy, privacy to do both good and bad. That privacy is sacred nonetheless. Lets ditch these policies built on inflated fear. Not reform. Ditch ’em!
  5. I fear that the likely 2008 replacement president will do little if anything to change our depressing status quo. Here are my thoughts on the most popular candidates (subject to change at anytime): Clinton – I don’t want to talk about issues, Hilary, I want you to change them. I fear you’ll just talk during your tenure. Obama – I kinda like this dude, though I fear he might just pander to the public rather than change how we execute policy. I also fear he’ll keep the size of our government as big as it already is. Edwards – No thanks (yawn). Giuliani – I like this guy too, but I fear he’ll play up the terrorist card way too much largely leaving us where we stand today. McCain – Meh. Next. Romney – I respect your faith, my man (note: I’m Mormon), but you reek of insincerity and your ambiguous replies will get us nowhere.

So who do I like so far? A man who can’t win, Ron Paul. Here are some of the things he’d like to do; 1) Get rid of the IRS and income tax. Paul alleges that only one third of federal government revenues comes from income tax. I doubt that claim and appreciate that money doesn’t grow on trees to support our infrastructure. Still, I like the sound of getting rid of the IRS. Why not tax on sales instead of income, that way everybody freakin’ pays according to what they buy.

2) Paul wants to pull out our troops in Iraq and basically a majority of the world to cut mucho costs. Amen, brotha; 3) Paul is in favor of reducing government, letting people dictate their own lives as they see fit while the government protects the rights of citizens. Right up my alley. 4) Paul wants to get rid of the federal reserve to protect the dollar. Don’t ask me how, that’s just what he says. 5) He really favors the constitution, and I hear that’s a pretty good and inspired document to follow.

Basically, I think Paul has more gumption than most. A bit extreme, but I’m thinking that’s what is needed to really change 1/3 of our federal government. Not reform. Trimming the fat. And there is plenty we can trim before we start to reform.

From what I can tell, I can’t find any dirt on Paul. Can anyone tell me why Paul would not be a good president? Also, who was the biggest presidential underdog of all time to actual win a race? Paul’s got like, what, 2-5% of polling right now? It takes marketing to win a presidency. Paul has got Digg, and that’s about it. I’m betting he’ll become the next Dean… it’ll be a beautiful disaster.

So while I’d like to sweep the executive branch clean this next term, I don’t think we’ll be able to keep the bloated dross of candidates from coming back in. Clearly my futility does little to help. I guess I’m just a talker like Clinton 2.0…

So who should I vote for and why? And what issues have you most concerned?

* Thanks, Chris.