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My thrilling status updates for the week

  • Forgot how intense short track speed skating was. This. Is. Awesome. #
  • Is there a scientific reason why humans take pause to enjoy a sunset, etc? Any other confirmed species that appreciate their surroundings? #
  • wishes EA would remake Road Rash already. #
  • doesn’t like when publishers use concept art to sell video games. I’m not buying comics here. #
  • Ariel totally just blew off Sebastian: “Why don’t you go tell my father, you’re good at that.” Ouch. #
  • needs help. I’m trying to interview people who have considered or deleted their facebook accounts for whatever reason. Know anyone? #
  • unprotected his tweets. Don’t know why I’m doing this—still not sure if I want to converse this way. Broadcasting FTW? @sidshuman #
  • Locals only: Anyone want to ski/snowboard Sundance with me Friday morning? I’m going massive—suppose to snow all weekend. #
  • longs for the days when sugar was more popular than corn syrup. #
  • Geeks only: Likes this animation when you click next and it won’t crash your browser like Flash. C’mon HTML 5! #
  • wants one of these real bad: #
  • wants one of these real bad #

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