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My thrilling status updates for the week

  • Bill Simmons is a great writer. #
  • is the worst amatuer basktetballer to ever play the game. #
  • just learned that The Miracle on Ice was the game that popularized the “U-S-A! U-S-A!” chant. Now you know. #
  • Adventure is out there! #
  • asked a five-year-old yesterday what his birthday was. “Summer 27th,” came the reply. #
  • loves these fantasy wallpapers. Just kidding. | #
  • Quite possibly the greatest video of our time: #
  • Cool video. Better band. #
  • used to think New York was part of New England. Boy was I wrong. #
  • is BFF with orange juice and sharp cheddar. B.F.F. people. #
  • “Manda Bala” is grossly exaggerated at best, fear mongering at worst. For the vast majority, Brazil is a wonderful place. Flawed but lovely. #
  • Nice going, Italy! #
  • ‘s 2yo made him feel like a million bucks today. “That jacket looks cool, Daddy,” she says as I leave the house. #
  • really likes this guy’s voice. #
  • If something claims to be “clinically proven,” then it’s gotta be true! #
  • It’s unfortunate “too big to fail” wasn’t around when Enron croaked. Ah well, from now on out let’s rescue all failing capitalists. Yay! #
  • was rejected by Sports Illustrated. Again. #
  • Is there a scientific reason why humans have a conscience, even little ones like my 2yo? #
  • wants Canada to win tonight so the U.S. can beat them (again) for gold on Sunday. #

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