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Why waste good technology on science and medicine?

For any interested, here is a handful of my recently published video game works after my visit to Baton Rouge two weeks ago.

The 10 Most Underrated Consoles (GamePro) — The road to modern video games is littered with the corpses of noble game consoles who flew too high to the sun. Here are the 10 best under-achievers of all-time.

Not Every Politician Hates Video games (Crispy Gamer) — At a VIP game developer event in a secluded upstairs San Francisco lounge, a well-dressed man in his 50s is making the rounds. “Hello, I’m the mayor of Baton Rouge.” “Do you just walk around calling yourself a mayor?” asks one doubting attendee. “No, I’m really the mayor of of Baton Rouge…”

Video games being used as economic development (Game Daily) — While most U.S. cities push biotech to drive economic growth, one municipality is using video games to do the same — Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It’s an unlikely match, given the establishment of California as the nation’s video game capital, but one the fast-growing Southern city is convinced will be its future just the same.

Who Spilled Diet on My Instruction Manual? (Crispy Gamer) — Instruction manuals are on life support. If you haven’t noticed already, the once-precious and colorful booklets have recently been reduced to a few black and white pages. Blake Snow examines the trend.

I suppose I should create a separate archive for my portfolio so as not to turn Smooth Harold into an adverblog or sour my non-gaming readers. Better yet, construction begins immediately. This will be the last post of it’s kind.