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Not everyone can be a great writer. But a great writer can come from anywhere.


For the record, I don’t consider myself a great writer. I’m certainly an effective, efficient, and sometimes amusing one. But I wouldn’t say great. The below, on the other hand, written by my friend Davey Saunders and published with his permission is great. I hope you enjoy it. 

January 13th—I can’t say I hate this day. I can’t say I love it.

This day means many things to me. It’s the exact day that Bo Jackson had his hip torn out of its socket. It is my bankruptaversary (trademark pending) today. After being taken in a Ponzi scheme for tens of thousands of dollars, I would eventually lose my credit reputation, my truck, and my home. It is also my divorceaversary (trademark pending). It marks the day one divorced was finalized and about the time another one began. It’s a day I am reminded of a son I never see. And yet, when my friend asked me how I was yesterday, I responded, “Fantastic.” When they asked why, I couldn’t think of anything in particular. So I responded, “Because I choose to be.”

On one of my worst days, bent over in actual emotional/physical pain, I was on the phone with my mom and dad. I was explaining to them a problem that neither one had ever experienced. And telling them how badly I wanted that pain to go away, my dad told me there was Somebody who already has taken that pain from me. And that stuck with me. His message worked for me then in that hour. And it works for me today.

Maybe it’s because of the recent suicide attempts in the news, or the hurt I know certain friends are going through, or because I know the pain people suffer in silence, alone. I just want to say I love you. And I’m sorry for your pain. Your loss. Your tragedy. I may not be able to empathize perfectly with your situation, but I am here if you need. If you need someone else, reach out to them. The message my father shared with me that day may not be the one that works for you right now. But I wouldn’t have known unless I reached out to those who love me.

By the way, Bo Jackson, in his first at bat after years of surgery and recovery… homerun. Happy January 13th.