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Obtuse Media Networks And World Cup Coverage

Man, big media networks don’t listen to their audience. A new article explores how ABC/ESPN treat their audience like they’re watching soccer for the first time, whereas Univision delivers the games straight during the World Cup coverage. NY Times writes: “ABC/ESPN is losing 15 percent of its quite large World Cup audience to Univision. And that loss is due solely to those viewers being driven away by the big American network’s approach to televising the World Cup.” This is despite the audience not even understanding the televised language!

There is always a smaller, faster, and better fish (Univision) that comes in an swoops up business from the big boys. Independent networks are a powerful thing. Now if we can only get a sports channel that just broadcasts the video feed with corresponding game sounds and crowds without the commentary. The crowd emits more than enough enthusiasm as it is, if only we could hear it better.