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On behalf of my fellow Americans, I’m sorry Mr. President

_imageYou would think it would be a good thing for students to hear the President of the United States address them personally. But nooooooo, conservative Republicans who oppose President Obama still aren’t civil enough to acknowledge him as president and let their kids hear the age-old “Work hard and stay in school!” spiel from the world’s top political authority.

I guess they think the President will sneak his big government ideas into Tuesday’s broadcast (“Hey kids, tell your parents to support my still undecided healthcare plan!” or “Isn’t it fun spending all this tax payer money on corporate welfare??!!”). The AP reports that liberal Democrats did the same thing in 1991 (surprise, surprise) when President Bush addressed American students—behavior that is equally petty.

Mr. President, I think your fiscal policy is a joke—your spending scares the crap out of me, actually, as did your predecessor’s. And I disagree with you on other issues as well. But I respect you as President, I hope to learn from you during your tenure, and I would be honored to have you address my children.