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Smooth Harold counts his many blessings: 2008 edition

Lindsey Snow, Sadie Snow, Maddie Snow 2008

This year felt a lot like last for me. I liked that.

That’s not to say thetr weren’t any life improvements — there most definitely were. But it did feel like business as usual with a few notable exceptions. Lindsey and I went on a lovely vacation to the Caribbean in February. Sadie started dance class and abandoned diapers over the summer (rad). Maddie started walking and her colorful personality has filled our house with 100% more smiles. We visited my parents home in Georgia for the first time in three years. And I started two new writing gigs.

In sum, here is what I am most thankful for this year:

  1. My wife. To steal a line from coach Hayden Fox, my wife Lindsey “makes me feel more secure than any other person.” She does this by being patience with my faults and appreciating the peculiarities that once made me feel vulnerable and insecure. I love her.
  2. My girls. Sadie and Madison are a true source of joy for me, and one of the best return on investments I’ve ever made. They make me a proud father. I love them.
  3. My home. Thanks to Lindsey, our home is immaculate, comfortable, and inviting. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else, I like it so much.
  4. My job. Many thanks to Sid and everyone at GamePro, Kristin at MSNBC, John and Elise at Crispy Gamer, Colin at Edge, those who still use my web company, Tribal Fusion, ValueClick Media, everyone at Infendo, and the many associates who sent me kind and constructive emails throughout the year.
  5. Forgotten relatives. I had the pleasure of getting to know my mother-side of the family in Arizona over the summer — relatives I hadn’t been close with for years. I will miss both my benevolent Grandpa Schmitt and witty Uncle Rich, both who passed this year due to failing health. I’m honored and thankful to have known them and to have been on the receiving end of their kindness.
  6. Modern medicine. Thanks to a skilled neuro surgeon by the name of Dr. Reichman, I can walk without pain or limping, after blowing a lower disc in my back in July. I started running again too, and should be back to normal very soon. For that I am thankful.
  7. My testimony. God is good — both in times of plenty, but especially in times of need. Though doubted and increasingly unpopular, I am thankful for his guidance and blessings, and for the knowledge that living by his teachings gives me greater peace of mind and hope for the future.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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