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Take a stand against cheating

Follow the link for an excellent read on cheating, ethics, and avoiding taxes. This post by Paul Allen reminded me of the importance of being honest in your dealings with all you come in contact with, even if it’s the IRS. It also reminds me of a sport that I love, baseball, that is filled with cheaters who take steroids. Adweek recently had an article in which they talk about the dilemma that Major League Baseball faces in celebrating Barry Bonds’ pending home run record who is widely believed from various reports to have used steroids over the past 8 years.

Everyone knows the guy is on drugs. Just look at the man’s increased head size. I do believe that an individual is innocent until proven guilty, so what do you do if you’re the MLB? I say don’t pitch to the guy. Don’t give him the chance to cheat. It kills to see our world filled with so many dishonest individuals, but it’s also a wake-up call for me to do all that I can to ensure my integrity, honesty, and good character.

None are immune from becoming dishonest, and secrecy only increases those chances. Be sure to keep all that you do transparent to those around you and make an effort through self-assessment to become and remain an honest individual in life.