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The Rise of Vlogging

I’ll come out and say it; when the word vlogging (video+blogging) entered the lexicon, I scoffed at the idea. Who wants to watch daily updated videos? I do for one, as thousands others, especially during this the age of iPod Video. I also scoffed at iPod videos, so strike 2 on me. Though it’s still to early to determine the scalability of vlogging, it is catching on very fast.

Topping the list of popular vlogs is New York-based Rocket Boom. This 5-minute weekday updated vlog covers weird internet news and gets 250,000 visitors per day. Compare that with the current 50/day that Smooth Harold gets. That translates to huge advertising leverage. The site just produced their first sponsored video ad for $40,000. The really kicker though is that the show maintains full creative control over the ad. The sponsor is merely guaranteed a mention of their product and company in the commercial. Awesome!

Also of note are Mobuzz, a tech vlog, and Ask A Ninja, a daily humor blog. What vlogs, if any, do you enjoy?

[via Business 2.0]

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