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The Social Super Highway

I’m constantly amazed by all the social connections that are made on the internet, either new or revitalized old ones. Just earlier this week, I received the following email from a childhood friend who I haven’t spoken to since I was 12 years old:

“Blake: This is Brian Jones, of Stillwater [Oklahoma], former 6th grade Rebel footballer, crew of Jeff Berry, Travis Tyner, Barry Heald, Matt Holliday [the starting Rockies left fielder], and yourself at one time. I was online Googling: ipod video rockies, because I’m a video coordinator with the Colorado Rockies and was just seeing how far the story had gotten, and to make a long story short, I came across your Smooth Harold blog. Crazy to find you out there.”

Brian and I have since exchanged a few more emails, and I look forward to catching up with him the next time I’m in Denver. This personal experience, along with several other professional ones, have made me believe that what you do online is all about the social transaction. Blogging has turned the web into a “living” network where content, conversation, and human interaction thrive. There is no “online” and “offline” anymore.

If you do decide to blog, make it a networking priority, if not a top priority in your work day. It will bless you professionally, financially, and personally in ways that you couldn’t have imagined.