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The Video Game Industry: A Week In LA

I’m currently in LA attending the Electronics Entertainment Expo. Lots of news has been breaking, and it’s been a busy past two days. One interesting thing about this year’s show (outside of the stellar games of course), is there will be a heavy focus on “advergaming” (in game advertisements) and marketing to the 18-35 male demographic. Fact: If you want to get the attention of the above mentioned buyer group, video games rank a close second to only internet in terms of media consumption (more than tv, radio, movies, etc). Boys are growing up but still remain boys. It’s been said that the average adult video gamer makes a median income of $70,000. Incredible purchasing power.

Regarding advergaming, companies are starting to serve up relevant in-game ads via online game profiles. For example, game developers will be able to sell digital wall space in a game to advertisers. If the game is online, those ads can change and be relevant, just like Google. Very interesting.

More to come.