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Today’s paper had two funny cartoons

The first…


I like Tim Tebow. A lot. I think he’s an admirable Christian, role model, and gridiron gamer. I find his overt, quickie-prayers a little vain and repetitious. But I think he means well. As for the above cartoon, it’s undoubtedly witty. More so if Tebow actually prays for a favorable result, less so if he’s praying to be the best individual he can be (which I suspect he is and take no issue with).

Moving on…


These two would totally be shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries in High Priest Group Meeting, where “senior” Mormon men go for an hour on Sunday to study the scriptures and be the best old fogies they can be. On the other hand, their ideologies on the best way to govern the most prosperous, loved, hated, powerful, and third most populated country in the world aren’t so compatible.