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Top 10 personal technologies of the decade

A lot of cool things were released this decade. But no other personal technology influenced society more in the last 10 years than the following—in order of impact, because I said so.

  1. Cell phones (see also: SMS)
  2. Online search (aka Google)
  3. Self-publishing (i.e. Blogging, Facebook, YouTube)
  4. Digital cameras
  5. Broadband Internet
  6. Web software (Google Docs, Firefox add-ons, etc.)
  7. Really Simple Syndication (aka RSS)
  8. Gesture control (i.e. Nintendo DS, Wii, Apple iPhone)
  9. Global positioning systems (aka GPS)
  10. USB storage devices (i.e. thumb drives)

I’d probably put digital video recorders at no. 11. Am I missing anything?