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Top 5 best churrasco meats (according to an American who lived in Brazil)


Brazilians know how to barbecue. Although it’s been a decade since I ate authentic churrasco (in Brazil), the next time you go to an Americanized Churrascaria, save your “green” indicators for the following five meats:

  1. Garlic sirloin. Put simply, garlic sirloin is a taste explosion. Juicy, well-spiced, and you could chew it with your tongue, it’s so tender.
  2. Teriyaki sirloin. Exactly like garlic sirloin, only deliciously sweet. I’d be a happy man if they only serviced garlic and teriyaki sirloin.
  3. Filet Mignon. It’s not always on the menu, but when it is, Filet Mignon is deliciously succulent. Not as good as garlic or teriyaki, but a worthy of a bronze finish.
  4. Mango cod. Fish at a barbecue? When it tastes this good (loads better than the remaining cuts of red meat), its an emphatic yes from me. (Don’t bother with the chicken.)
  5. Beef brisket. This stuff falls apart just by looking at it wrong. And the bay leaves give it just the right flavor.

If you’ve never been to a churrascaria, you’ll be offered plenty of meat. So don’t waste your intestinal capacity on tasteless beef sirloin or imitation sausage. Oh, and chicken hearts are just a novelty—don’t bother.

What’s your favorite churrasco meat?