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Why I love my car: 2011 Dodge Journey

Someone recently asked what kind of car I drive. “A discontinued Dodge Journey,” I replied with zero pretense.

My particular model is a 2011—a decade old. My wife and I bought it used when the odometer read 20,000 miles. It now has 130,000 on it, the most I’ve ever logged on a vehicle.

I still love my car and hope to drive it for at least a few more years. Here’s why:

  1. It’s paid for. Owning a car outright is like driving a free car. “You mean I only have to pay for gas and insurance every month?!!” For the most part, yes! I love no payments and reliable things. This car is both.
  2. It’s fast. While most Dodge Journey’s average 3.5/5 stars, according to owner reviews, our model with the bigger engine and all wheel drive rate over 4.7, on I agree with that assessment. Not only is the car a compact crossover, when coupled with the bigger engine, it makes for a fun drive while hauling my entire family. I still enjoy driving it to this day.
  3. It has a booming sound system. I love music, and our car has the most precise, clear, bassy, 9 speaker stereo I’ve ever owned. Just like driving it, I still enjoy listening to music on this stereo.
  4. It has 19 inch rims. When I was in high school, rappers used to boast about driving 20 inch rims. I’m no rapper but I like the way one inch less looks on cars. It makes me feel cool, even though silver wheels are no longer cool.
  5. It hauls my family of 7. The third row is a little cramped and even the second row is getting tighter for my teenage daughters, but we manage and sacrifice because… See #1.
  6. It’s 60% Italian. When Chrysler made my car, it had recently merged with Fiat of Italy. Consequently, 60% of the car’s design and interiors are Italian. That makes me feel pretty cool.
  7. It’s taken us on numerous adventures. We’ve been on so many family ski trips, road trips, and even cross country trips. As a sentimental man, I like knowing that it’s still with us.
  8. It has these cool little drink coolers in the second row floorboards. Normally we use it for storage but sometimes we’ll throw ice and cold drinks in there for later use. Smart!
  9. It ain’t broken. I usually don’t “fix” or replace things that aren’t broken.
  10. It looks good when clean and shiny. I painted the front and rear bumpers last year in addition to a fading fender. It looks almost new when clean. Sometimes I watch my wife drive off in it from the porch or office window. “Those two look good together,” I mutter to myself.

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