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Why is every four years “the most important election ever”?

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This year democracy is facing extinction. America is at stake. If we elect the wrong president, the nation will likely die. Overnight. Call it, “Decision 2024: End of Democracy Edition.”

Sound familiar?

Every four years, Americans are patronized by fear-mongering media and desperate politicians with this blasé rhetoric. “This is the most important election ever,” they say. “Of our lifetimes! In the history of the universe!”

Ironically, the phrase has been slyly used since Lincoln’s second election in the late 1800s. It’s basically a hyperbolic trick to attract attention, sell more advertising, and mobilize voters.

What then, might an actual “most important election ever” look like?

The only one I can think of is an aspiring tyrant who has an overwhelming following and enough political clout to replace democracy with an authoritarian regime after he’s elected. I honestly can’t think of a former candidate with that kind of power.

As for this year, we’ll be voting for the two oldest-running candidates in the history America… again!

Who’s to blame? I am. You are. Anyone who failed to participate in previous local elections, where the “cream” that eventually makes it to the top gets it start.

We did this. Again. So stop blaming politicians. In a working democracy, the blame falls on us.

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