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Why Neil Diamond Is “So Good”

Lindsey and I are finishing up a short vacation at a very nice resort in Orlando Florida. We are just about to catch our plane. Other than the relaxing moments spent with my wife, one of the most memorable experiences of the trip was Friday night’s Karoke by the pool.

For those who don’t know me, I don’t care too much for amateur live singing. I do, however, like Neil Diamond. Combine the two and magic happens. 🙂

After several mediocre singing attempts, a humble gentlemen stepped up to the mic and requested the classic “Sweet Caroline.” Once he started singing, the entire resort errupted in anticipation and clapping. By the first chorus, nearly everyone was singing aloud to “so good, so good” as well as the rest of the song’s refrain. I’d never heard so many people in public sing aloud and enjoy that much atmosphere.

Though the individual singing didn’t have the best voice, the song and large crowd filled the gaps and made for a truley memorable experience for both a music lover and Neil Diamond junkie.
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