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Words to Live (work) By

Here is a sampling of attitudes and attendant behaviors that can promote good customer service within a company. It’s even good for life occurrences.

  • I appreciate your business. Greet the client with enthusiasm unfeigned. Use their name and don’t use the excuse “I’m bad with names.” Make an effort.
  • I will devote my full attention to your needs. Sometimes I multi-task while listening to my wife Lindsey. It’s worthless and really frustrates her. Give the person/client your full attention. Stop other activities, listen, and clarify with questions.
  • I will take ownership of your needs. Don’t pass the buck here and don’t keep transferring the client to another person.
  • I will be knowledgeable and professional. Provide insight to help a person get what they are looking for. If you don’t know, get someone who does.
  • I will be responsive to your questions and requests. (learn more) fulfill commitments and responses in a timely fashion. This includes emails and voicemails and will show the client that you value their time.

Hopefully the above attitudes will take your customer service policy off your wall and put it to action. It takes work, but those around you will reap the benefits and will reward you for the added effort.

[Source: CMO Magazine]

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