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10 things I’m thankful for this instant

pointerTo help my brain stay wired for happiness, here are 10 random things I’m grateful for:
  1. Full head of hair. To all my bros (and any women) out there with thinning, balding, receding, or otherwise missing hair, I sympathize with you. I don’t know what it would be like without follicles. I imagine it’s drafty and uncomfortable. I’m grateful for a full coiffure.
  2. A titanium back. Six months ago, I had my lower back fused. Although my participation in high-impact activities involving running, jumping, and extreme bending have been cut short by two thirds a lifetime, I’m grateful for the $26,000 titanium rods, screws, and spacer that keep me upright and mobile now. With a new lease on life, I feel great.
  3. People that recognize and compliment my work. It feels good to know my writing made a difference in someone’s life. To all those who have emailed, remarked, or tweeted kudos, thank you.
  4. A loving wife for making our bed. She does this faithfully every day. It makes the room so much more inviting. Among many other domestic duties Lindsey undertakes, I’m thankful for her reliable, consistent, detailed, and organized work ethic. I credit much of my success to her.  Thank you, sugar.
  5. Healthy children. To have one healthy child is a blessing. I have five. To any parents with sick, disabled, or diseased children, my heart goes out to you. To show my gratitude, I promise to be especially considerate of ill younglings and not take my healthy ones for granted.
  6. My car. We only have one car, but it’s a good one. It’s fun to drive, it hauls my brood, and my millennial neighbor even called it a “nice ride” recently.
  7. A rewarding job. I don’t know the percentage of people doing what they love, but I’m grateful to be numbered among them. Getting paid well to write for reputable publications and companies is an honor. I’m glad I got into writing when I did.
  8. My dog. She’s half bulldog, quarter beagle, quarter lab. She pulls me on my longboard. She’s awesome.
  9. New music. I’ll never understand why so many aging adults give up on music. It keeps me heart young, my ears fresh, and my feet moving. Where words fail, music speaks.
  10. My longboard. Thanks to nos. 4, 5, and 8, I’ve had loads of fun on this. I take it on the Provo River Trail weekly with the rest of the family—my wife and I both on longboards, our two boys in the PowerWheels (aka the best toy we’ve ever purchased in the history of kids), our five year old on a bike, and our oldest two on a skateboard and ripstick. We’re quite a sight, I’m told. These little things are delightful.

What are you thankful for?