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The jig still isn’t up: 12 years, two careers, and one calling later

As I often do, I cold emailed a bunch of people today asking if I could write for them. It was a great day. Not because one of them did this:

take my money gif

(They didn’t.) It was great because American strangers are wonderful to work with. They’re so freakin’ nice. 

Granted, most of them ignore my inquires. A few answer “no.” Fewer still say “yes.” But of the ones that do reply, the overwhelming majority are positive.

Just today, I heard the following statements: “I applaud you for doing this,” one person said. “I really like your style,” said another. “Keep up the good work” and “I wish you well,” were thrown around too.

The encouraging experience reminded me of how blessed, fortunate, and/or lucky I am. Eleven years after finding my calling in life as a writer, I’m still waiting for someone to say, “The jig is up, Blake. You’re having too much fun.”

Thick or thin, I truly am. I control my time. I control my schedule. I follow my passions. I have my health. My needs are being met. And the perks are killer.

In that time, I’ve also met, interviewed, and befriended hundreds of amazing people on four remarkable continents.

What a ride!

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