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5 reasons Guerilla Marketing isn’t Viral Marketing

6 Pins has some nice examples of guerilla marketing up today. I especially like the above. Regarding the topic of Guerrilla Marketing, here a five reasons I didn’t include it on my upcoming Connect article about Viral Marketing:

  1. Guerrilla Marketing has more to do with promotional advertising than strategic marketing, although Guerrilla tactics are strategic in and of themselves.
  2. Guerrilla Marketing doesn’t spread itself as easily as other viral campaigns outside of word-of-mouth
  3. Guerrilla Marketing tends to be more direct than viral marketing (though not always)
  4. Guerrilla Marketing is most effective in local and/or regional markets as opposed to the global reach of viral marketing
  5. At its core, Guerrilla Marketing campaigns are nothing more than rogue, very creative, advertisements for a fleeting memory, though enough to generate short-term buzz and curiosity

That said, I really appreciate the creativity of most Guerrilla campaigns. United’s Ted Launch was one of the best examples of Guerrilla Marketing I’ve read about.