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6 food staycations to mimic the real thing

Courtesy Blake Snow

You don’t have to cross borders or cook from home to taste some of the world’s greatest foods. Looking for fresh ideas to spice up your quarantine cuisine? Try one of these, although your mileage may vary depending on current state restrictions:

  1. Parisian picnic in the park. Baguette, cheese, drinks, and people watching—just like in Paris. I love doing this.
  2. British Afternoon Tea. Pig out on tiny sandwiches and fancy deserts (pictured). Just Google “afternoon tea near me” to find participating restaurants (if any).
  3. Spanish Tapas Hopping. Although you might not have a proper Spanish restaurant in town, you can spread your dine-out experience across several small plates and restaurants. We usually go to one place for drinks and appetizers, another for entrees, and another for desert. This is a lot of fun, regardless of cuisine.
  4. American Soda Jerk. Visit your town’s best grocer for fancy bottled soda, then head to the park to take in the suds.
  5. Cuisine Food Battles. This is similar to tapas hopping, only with sushi, Mexican restaurants, bakeries, or even candies or deserts from around the world. We did this recently with Ben & Jerry Ice Cream pints and various Graham Crackers and milk and had a real good time with both (Honey Maid won, followed by Great Value and Nabisco in second).
  6. Italian pizza in the park. Buy a pie from one of your favorite parlors (or try a new one), grab a frisbee, and head to the park with your favorite friends.