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Good stuff: 5 ways to build resilience

Rescue Time recently published a data-filled article on improving focus in a restricted world that’s still sorting itself out. Although their recommendations (below) aren’t applicable to everyone, the following five certainly are:

  1. Develop an ‘indifferent’ attitude to the things you can’t change
  2. Deprioritize tasks that are bringing you stress without any return
  3. Rebuild your passion and curiosity after burning out
  4. Use the ‘scientific method’ to find your ideal working habits
  5. Create hard boundaries on excessive emails, all-day Zoom calls, and late-night work

I learned the first lesson in anger management. Spoiler alert: this really works and has enabled me to let go of my anger associated with what I believe to be draconian restrictions. The last point I learned while developing my first book. The better boundaries we set, the better we’re able to nurture all of our talents and needs.

As for the rest, I highly recommend you try them, namely quitting habits that aren’t doing anything for you, trying new things when your old routine no longer works, and trying new approaches to your work before giving up or keeping the ones that have a positive impact.