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And the nominees for best Internet synonyms are…

I always get a good chuckle hearing people say something other than “Internet.” Having personally celebrated over 50 years* online, these are my favorite alternatives:

  • Cyberspace. A fancy word presumably created by school teachers to give the simple sounding Internet a sense of exploration. Use sparingly for comedic delivery.
  • Information Super Highway. School teachers that took the glitzy sounding Cyberspace to the next level. Never use in serious situations.
  • Intertubes. A popular synonym created by internet denizens and intended to be funny. It’s sorta tired now, though still funny if spoken by a casual internet user.
  • The Internets. Another popular synonym used by internet denizens to intentionally sound ignorant. Still funny.
  • The Net. An abbreviated alternative to Internet. Do not use unless you want to sound simian.
  • The World Wide Web. Though accurate, this one sounds sophisticatedly stupid. Consider it deprecated.
  • The WWW. Can be funny when said using a southern accent, but it should be avoided.
  • The Web. This one’s okay, but use Internet instead or “online” as an adverb.
  • Infobahn. A portmanteau of autobahn and information. I need to use this one more.

Am I missing any?

*Really 14 years