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Be a Lovecat

I’m currently reading Love is The Killer App. Though not the most prolific business book, the title does an excellent job in formulating what makes for a successful business career in terms of happiness and producing a return on your “networks.” Author Tim Sanders defines a “lovecat” as an individual that intelligently and sensibly shares his/her knowledge, network of friends and associates, and compassionate service with bizpartners without expecting anything in return.

What’s a bizpartner you may ask? Every person in our work life, be it a boss, banker, competitor, client, or just about anyone else. I especially like the competitor one and have recently discovered how much of an asset and help they can be for any type of business striving to improve.

The first few weeks of January were a tough one for me. I was still coming off an abnormally slow end of the year in terms of leads, and January was looking bleak. I needed some guidance and had the idea to contact a Mr. Joshua Steimle from MWI, another local web development firm from Utah. I read Joshua’s blog, Don Loper which is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs and aspiring designers alike and have valued his opinion on a variety of business related blog posts. Though MWI and Griffio have their differences, in many ways the companies are direct competitors, at least in terms of developing business websites.

To make a long story short, Joshua was very willing and had a sincere desire to assist me, something that was at first unexpected. While meeting for lunch, he offered advice, great insight into his successes and failures, and has even started sending leads my way. Due to his shared knowledge, network, and compassion, this fellow entrepreneur has gained my trust, friendship, and hopefully a long lasting business relationship that can profit the both of us.

The point in all of this is to share what you know, and share it liberally without expecting anything in return. If you do this, you will actively build a network which will make you not only a success in business, but a success in life resulting in happiness, progress, and limitless opportunities. Thanks to all you lovecats out there. Here’s hoping I can do my part.