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JUST PUBLISHED: Interested in my first book? Here’s what you can do to help

I just published my first (albeit short) book on paperback and Kindle. It took me over eight years to publish it, but I’m very proud of the result.

As you can see, the book underwent a title change, but the contents remain the same—a self-help memoir on how to overcome excessive “internetting,” smartphoning, and social media. If that subject interests you, I hope you’ll consider taking one or all of the following actions: 

  1. Buy the book. It’s currently $8.99 on Kindle and $10.99 on paperback. So you don’t get burned, I’m offering a money back guarantee—if you didn’t enjoy Log Off, I will refund your money. Furthermore, if you’re feeling generous and want to buy extra copies for family and friends, I won’t stop you.
  2. Share the book. You can do this by sharing a link to my book via text, email, or your favorite social media channels (because irony) with people you feel might enjoy it. I also encourage you to use the age old practice of word of mouth if you feel so inclined.
  3. Review the book. It would help if you took a few minutes to share your honest feedback and review the book on Not only does this help others decide if this book is right for them, it makes me a better author. Please note: if you already know and like me, please don’t feel the need to rate this book five out of five stars, even if you think I’m a five out of five guy. In all honestly, I’d probably rate the book four out of five stars if Amazon allowed me to review my own book (they don’t). Nevertheless, I welcome your constructive criticism, rants, and raves in a review.
  4. Subscribe to my newsletter. Click here to join more than 5,000 people for future updates on the book, including a new year’s launch party, speaking engagements, the pending audio book version, and updates on my foray as a first-time author.

Thanks for your support. Big or small, I sincerely hope the book can enhance your enjoyment of life. The ideas contained therein certainly have mine.