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Good music: 5 new albums I totally enjoy

Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

  1. Less Bad. My new album that doesn’t suck. Biased but proud. Listen to Sorta Social, Ricky’s Song, I Did It, and Carry On if you don’t believe me.
  2. Dropout Boogie. Groovy new Black Keys record that doesn’t disappoint. “Your Team Is Looking Good” is my current favorite.
  3. The Dream. Super weird new album by Alt-J is hauntingly beautiful and downright fun at times.
  4. Top Gun Maverick. Terrific score for a terrific movie. 10 thoughtful songs that make you feel good.
  5. Take The Sadness Out of Saturday Night. The latest album by Bleachers isn’t quite as strong as their first two albums, but this is a solid, softer album that still moves me.

Honorable mention: 12 Carat Toothache by Post Malone

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