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How to eat healthy on a budget

Over the last 18 months, my family has doubled down on a mostly vegetarian, part-time vegan diet. We eat meat only once or twice a month, usually on holidays or special occasions. Same goes for desserts, usually on major holidays or birthdays.

Since my wife doesn’t like eggs, which is one of the best affordable superfoods, we eat a lot of oatmeal (boiled and baked), beans and rice, veggie pastas, lentils, peanuts, mixed nuts, hummus, big green salads, popcorn, oils instead butter, yogurt, macaroni and cheese, and plain ole carrots. We eat fruits in moderation, usually bananas, apples, and whatever’s in season.

Since becoming mostly vegan, I have never felt better. But I’ve also learned that eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland or expensive. In fact, I think we spend less on home cooked meals now than we did before, which really helps since the cost of food has skyrocketed over the last few years.

Either way, I love food more than ever and it feels great to feel better while still enjoying it.

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