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Log Off book: What early reviewers are saying

Two weeks ago, I published Log Off: How to Stay Connected after Disconnecting on the world’s largest bookstore in both paperback and Kindle formats. Today I wanted to share what early reviewers are saying: 

  • “Unlike most self help books, Log Off doesn’t just throw a lot of numbers and recommendations at you. It does so with storytelling, which makes the advice easier to remember and more enjoyable to read.”—Rex Galbraith
  • “As part of a growing population that feels dissatisfied with social media, technology burnout, and failing to experience the real world right outside my door, Log Off is a nice reminder to turn off the noise and experience life in analog again.”—Mark Ormond
  • “I didn’t realize I had a problem until reading Log Off. I used to get on to my wife about checking social media on her phone too much, but this book helped me realize that I too check my phone too much, albeit for different work-related reasons.”—Jake Terry
  • “Can quitting the Internet — even part of the time — really make you healthier, wealthier and happier? Yes, and it will begin the minute you disable all the alerts, pings, and buzzes that make you reach for your phone rather than engaging in your life, argues Blake Snow, author of Log Off: How To Stay Connected After Disconnecting.”—Vancouver Sun
  • “The author has a great voice that is fun to read/hear. Great advice and awesome to hear someone be successful at finding balance in this overconnected world.”—David Cole
  • “This book makes an excellent case regarding the potential negative impacts of excessive technology absorption in our lives, and also provides a succinct prescription for getting out of the digital rut that is so pervasive in our world today. It’s an easy read, full of ideas and encouragement to avoid distractions and focus on the important things in life.”—Amazon Customer
  • “Log Off is a quick read but after I finished I was motivated to spend more time offline and had new ideas on how to back off of my phone. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to lessen the amount of time they spend online.”—My wife

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