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My latest attempt to make passive income: homepage (August 2009)

In addition to being a gun-for-hire, savvy readers know that Smooth Harold is also a part-time proprietor (aka entrepreneur on the side). I’m not a very good one—at least in terms of making money. But I enjoy building things. So I build websites. This is my latest.

After refining our business model for a year, a friend/legal insider and I launched this month. The site helps car crash victims decide if they should hire an attorney—using a free crash evaluator—when dealing with stingy insurance companies. We make money in two ways: upselling a Settlement Booklet for $19 to consumers hoping to settle a claim on their own, or selling opt-in leads to attorneys, in the event the evaluated chooses a lawyer.

I’m especially proud of the site because I think its a nifty idea. And I like how the product (aka the booklet and evaluator) has already been built—something I’m inexperienced with as service provider. So yeah, I guess I’m a part-time ambulance-chaser now.

And I didn’t even have to take the bar.