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My thrilling status updates for the week

  • “Sweet cab rice cakes, she don’t care how the sweets taste. Fake philly cheese steak, but you use real toothpaste.” #
  • Although pleasant, electronic relationships will never compare to human ones. #
  • is stuck in a moment he can’t get out of, otherwise known as an early January funk. #
  • is seeing the taxman tomorrow to get it over with early. #
  • Sorry kitchen sink calcium deposits. You didn’t stand a chance today against my wife, who was armed with Kaboom! (looks great, Lindz) #
  • “That boy good,” says Jay-Z. #
  • is texting at a stop light to tell you that Deadmau5 has literally turned his Jeep into a discoteque. On a Wednesday afternoon even. #
  • ‘s ear is no respecter of musical skill. If it sounds good, he’ll listen. #
  • is excited to watch the new PBS adaptation of Emma. Yes, I like Jane Austen, the “original gangsta” of chick flicks. #
  • likes the pirate flag his neighbor flies. #

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