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My thrilling status updates for the week

  • runs farther, faster, and enjoys himself more after he stopped tracking mileage. Metrics for the loss. #
  • thinks the Star Spangled Banner is the second best national anthem, after… #
  • Is it disgusting that I just spread butter on a few Ritz crackers to further enjoy their deliciouness? #
  • needs to update his passport if he wishes to make South Africa a reality: #
  • “I think you’d dig Provo. You could do well there.” #
  • thinks everyone should say “coo-pawn” and not “cue-pawn” when speaking of that piece of paper that grants discounts at stores. #
  • One of the best quotes I’ve read for fathers raising daughters: “Be the man you want her to marry.” #
  • has a tendancy to bump soft deadlines in Gcal way to often. Why isn’t the task completed yet??!! #
  • In-and-out is good and all, but no $2 burger is worth waiting 1+ hour for. Until next time, Orem grand opening. #
  • thinks its amatuerish when news reports finish with “we’ll let you know if we learn more,” or something similar. That’s your job. We know. #
  • wishes his wife would kiss him goodbye BEFORE putting on gloss, which tastes disgusting and makes him look effeminate. Can I get a witness? #
  • ‘s four year-old had a bad dream about a “dinosaur eating all of Babar’s children.” The horror! #
  • wants to snorkel The Great Barrier Reef someday. #

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