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My thrilling status updates for the week

  • likes how D-Ron cocked that dunk like Le-Bron. Go Jazz! #
  • ‘s stomach is grateful for his wife’s deliciously ambitious home cooking. #
  • How to Train Your Dragon > Avatar. Seriously. #
  • thinks his friend is a BFD for debt financing a million dollar company. Attaboy, Tim! #
  • Despite what organizers say, World Cups are bad economoic investments: #
  • Forever in blue jeans. #
  • Awesome defense of the free press, The Appalling Reaction to the Apple iPhone Leak: #
  • is vying to become president of Del Boca Vista phase III. #
  • Best new reggae I’ve heard in a long time. Awesome. #
  • is going to see Evil Empire play Evil Empire Jr. at Fenway this October! (Dream come true) Thanks, David! #
  • Good little sappy movie. I love dogs. #
  • This guy is a winner in every sense of the word: #
  • Diplomacy has failed. #
  • Let’s see how connected my Facebook friends really are: Can any of you handsome people get me on the Salt Lake Country Club golf course? #
  • Great article—Mexico is the most popular soccer team in America: #
  • Tripping and realizing no one saw you. AWESOME! #
  • Had to breathe deeply while viewing this sobering images: #

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