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My thrilling status updates for the week

  • is offline. #
  • Doesn’t understand why anyone would affiliate with group B. Stop hanging around these losers! #
  • Fun little read in a coffee table book sort of way: #
  • wants to marry photojournalism: #
  • wishes he had $1400 in “pocket money” to further support this hobby: #
  • It is always better to light a candle than to curse the dark. #
  • Like Apple, Nintendo can be really dumb at times: #
  • had a nerdgasm last night after a local funk guitarist unexpectedly starting playing Luke Skywalker’s theme. Thanks, Fat Apollo. #
  • I have eaten at many fine French, Italian, and Asian restaurants, but when it comes to chicken, nothing beats the succulence of fried. #
  • The essence of old marketing is deception, not clarity. The essence of new marketing is embracing your strengths, and only those strengths. #
  • Working yourself to death is really people, checking your dumb phone 24×7 very much included: #
  • likes this commercial: #
  • As they say in The South, “Y’all be good.” #
  • This album should be required listening for everyone: #

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