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My thrilling status updates for the week

  • You could fill a book—a lot of books—with things Dad doesn’t know. And they have. Which is why I read. #
  • thinks Meaghan Smith’s new album is awesome. #
  • thinks Brier Rose is the worst witness protection name ever. #
  • Like John Grisham? Read David Sheff’s Game Over. It’s fascinating non-fiction. #
  • is having a mindblowing triumphant day and hopes you are too. #
  • Deadmau5 + Sony MDR-V700 = Headphone Bliss (Thanks, Matt!) #
  • What’s the deal with size 0, ladies? Really? You’re smaller than size 1? #
  • still doesn’t understand what an “ombudsman” is. It’s just one of those dictionary entires that doesn’t enlighten. #
  • I broke my bat on Johnny’s head; somebody snitched on me. #
  • Just learned that Irish kids leave Santa Guinness with cookies—not always milk. Ho, ho, ho, indeed. #
  • is assembling a dollhouse for the girls, and yet Santa will get all the credit. #

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