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My thrilling status updates for the week

  • Went to Cosco for boxes. Worker asked if I was moving. I said yes. “Now’s the time for students to move,” she replies. I hang my head. #
  • I’ve won 869 matches in my career, fifth all-time, and many were won during the afternoon shower.-Agassi, p9 #
  • has a propensity to jump to conclusions. For those who share my weakness, any practical ideas towards combating it? #
  • it’s okay to like evil corporations, so long as they have nice design (e.g. Apple, Ikea, and Target). #
  • is grateful for good friends and neighbors that successfully helped him move today. In the snow. #
  • read these books this month: Strong Fathers Strong Daughters, BYOC: South Africa, Game Over, Soccernomics, and Open: An Autobiography. #

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