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My thrilling status updates for the week

  • likes Agassi less after reading his autobiography. #
  • still drinks from water fountains. Anybody else? #
  • is about to board a giant metal tube with service to Salt Lake… as soon as the girls awake from their slumber in this quiet NYC apt. #
  • is working in disarray—moving boxes are everywhere and it makes me feel yucky. #
  • new Vampire Weekend album—Contra—is hot. #
  • Why are we talking about tablet PCs again (i.e. at CES)? Didn’t these things fizzle five years ago? #
  • just conquered his wireless router. Take that, sucka! #
  • I’m sorry. The correct answer to the greatest Van Halen song of all time is Panama. Panama is the correct answer. #
  • What’s the point of the Europa League if all you’re doing is playing for 33rd place (since the top 32 play in Champions League)? Dumb. #
  • Boo Texas. Roll Tide. #
  • American Express has the best customer service in the world, hands down. Ask and you shall receive. Just awesome. #
  • Viva Las Vegas! Luck be a new deal tonight. #

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