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Review: Pixar’s Wall-E is booooring.

Wall-E is boring
Pixar’s Wall-E and Stanly Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey share a lot in common. Both are set in space, feature little dialog, have robots taking over the world, are immensely artistic, won’t keep a 2 and ½ year-old engaged despite their G rating, and offer a handful of sophisticated moments in filmmaking. But both are really monotonous — an analogy proving that Wall-E is easily Pixar’s worst film to date, for both adults and children alike.

I remained in the theater on Saturday only to see the ending, but the journey getting there is tedious and slow. There are some comical moments, particularly between starring robot Wall-E and his love interest, but the the movie’s underlying commentary on environmental issues is clumsy, pretentious, and undercooked at best. There’s just no story here to keep things interesting; no characters that you will really sympathize with.

I think even Pixar agrees with me. In a 2007 teaser trailer, director Andrew Stanton admitted that a handful of other Pixar films were made before Wall-E, which was prototyped in the summer of 1994 along with “a bunch of ideas” that became A Bug Life’s, Monster’s Inc, and Finding Nemo. If it took 14 years to produce Wall-E while better movies were being made, maybe it should have been skipped. So is Pixar short on compelling ideas?

In any case, skip this movie. Otherwise you’ll pray for 1:36 minutes of your life back.