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Smooth Harold’s top 10 blessings of 2007

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Publicly professing your gratitude once a year makes up for an otherwise selfish individual, right? Whatever the case, here are 10 things I’m thankful for in 2007, a day before Thanksgiving — some genuine, others with tongue in cheek.

  1. My wife (Hi, Bella!). I like how she sacrifices her life, time, and ambitions to care full-time for the two beautiful girls you see pictured above. I like how she looks. I like how she lets me work from home. I like her delicious steak stroganoff.
  2. Sadie and Maddie. Confirmed — two girls are better than one. Now pancake syrup from 20 little fingers (instead of just 10) can make its way onto my HDTV given Madison’s recent arrival. Sadie speaks in full sentences now, and Madison only wakes up twice during the night. Woot!
  3. English. All 651,600 words (an average). Since devoting most of my time to writing over the last year, I’ve grown to love the English language — not to mention a good thesaurus.
  4. My penthouse rental. She’s not the roomiest thing at 11,000 1,100 square feet, but she’s home. Many thanks to Clay, my generous landlord who knocked $100 off my December rent so I could take my wife to a fancy restaurant.
  5. RSS. Three years since I first started using the technology, and I’m still in love. Don’t go after online content, let it come to you.
  6. My clients. Many thanks to all those who sent me greenbacks this year — to my publishers for paying me to copywrite (hat tip GamePro, Next-Gen, GigaOm, Joystiq, Infendo, Crispy Gamer, and FutureWorks); to my sponsors for paying to advertise to my audience (Tribal Fusion, Value Click, Iseeq, and Feedburner); and to my clients for paying me trick out their websites (Weightloss Wars, Xclosure, Lovvorn Construction, Historical Arts, and S&L Inc).
  7. My friends. Here’s a big shout out to The Andersen Family of Springville, the Carrino family from So Cal, Casey Willis in Atlanta Georgia, Sid Shuman from Oakland, Mark and Tim Ormond from pobre Salt Lake county, Micah Aldridge from Dallas Texas, Robert Bradford from wherever he’s currently living, James Wiley from Brooklyn, Chris Grant from Philly, Josh Steimle of Draper, the entire MSBL Cubs team, and the friendly Sharon Park 6th Ward. Represent!
  8. Baseball. With steroids slowly being cleansed from the fields (Hi, Barry!), can this game get any better? MLB is still the best sport in existence followed closely by college football, grand slam tennis, and world cup soccer.
  9. Impending elections. Only having President Bush in office for one more year is golden for the sake of our spiraling economy and global free-agency. Vote Ron Paul.
  10. Benevolence. Don’t listen to the news — the human race is still capable of great, kind, and wonderful things. No, the sky isn’t falling, and yes I’m a romantic. Thanks to all those whom I came in contact with this year that freely gave of their time, their company, and their assistance. This includes countless colleagues, acquaintances, and even some strangers.

Honorable mention: video games. I wish I had more time to play, my little friends, but I promise some one-on-one over Christmas break. Oh, and to the seven individuals that helped rear me, the Snow Family (Hi, Mom and Dad!).

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!