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Smooth Harold’s top 10 Spoon songs

If you haven’t listened to Spoon already, I exhort you to do so immediately. They are quite possibly my favorite indie band of the decade, and their appeal spans generations (read: is accessible to all), I promise.

Having said that, here are my top 10 favorite tracks from the Austin-based band, independent of albums:

  1. Finer Feelings. This one’s got a juke box-like sound that makes you want to dance, a rare thing for indie bands, let alone rock and roll ones.
  2. Black Like Me. I can listen to this song on loop for a good 30 minutes before tiring. It has a brilliant crescendo, piano riff, and soulful vocals to boot. It’s so win.
  3. Fitted Shirt, The. Perhaps the song that truly encompasses Spoon’s style, if that’s even possible given their variety. If you like Led Zepplin’s lighter works, I’m betting you’ll like this.
  4. The Way We Get By. Now here’s a little ditty that will have your head bouncing. It’s like a song that was a hit before your mother was born. She should know.
  5. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb. I don’t care if you’re two years of age or 80, there’s no way you can listen to this track and not feel sunny.
  6. I Turn My Camera On. This song has me creeping like a creeper. Either that or putting the moves on Lindsey.
  7. Don’t Make Me A Target. Wailing guitar riffs, edgy, stuttered solos, and pleading lyrics. Listen to it twice, it’s so nice.
  8. Don’t You Evah. Groovy, I say. Enough so to make number eight on my list.
  9. Anything You Want. Two minutes and seventeen seconds of awesomeness.
  10. The Beast and Dragon, Adored. The darkest song on my list, but driving, constant, and rocking, just like the band that wrote it.

Regrettably, I justed missed Spoon and The Killers last week on Austin City Limits, the spectacular PBS performance series broadcast in glorious HD and 5.1 surround. It’s almost as good as attending a live show and comes highly recommended.