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Recent work: Who I’ve written for this year

Commercial clients I’ve written for this year

A decade ago, I transitioned from being a full-time explanatory journalist for news media (covering tech, business, and entertainment) to a full-time contract writer and consultant to Fortune 500 companies. In short, it’s been a rewarding and enriching experience that’s allowed me to interview and visit with hundreds of people that are way smarter than me.

While I still cover a little travel for news media, the bulk of my time and income is spent interviewing, reporting, and writing stories for commercial clients. For example, I’ve consulted with and written for a lot of name brand companies you probably know and respect.

But because the bulk of my work is non-bylined, under non-disclosure agreement, only shared with private audiences, or otherwise anonymous, it’s often difficult for me to take credit. That and I don’t get directly paid to update my portfolio, so I often neglect it.

Today I hope to change that, however. At the behest of my good friend and sometimes hired-gun Josh Rhine, this is what I’ve been up to lately (and for whom): Continue reading…

What bad fishing taught me about good business

On a recent fishing trip with friends, in which we purposely neglected to pack in food, in order to make our catch really count, I went empty-handed after two full days of fishing. Thanks to my more-skilled-than-me buddies, who generously shared, I didn’t go hungry, however.

After serious bouts of self-doubt and nearly giving up on the third day, though, I decided I wasn’t going to quit until I caught at least one keeper. After empowering myself with that mindset, I actually ended up catching five that evening—enough to feed me and my friends, who coincidentally failed to catch one on that final day (really!).

On the return hike home, I thought a lot about dependency, perseverance and the power of determination—in life as much as business. Here’s what that experience taught me.

Continue reading…

Please enjoy: The best things I published recently

Excluding undisclosed commercial work (i.e. the bulk of my work), here are the best things I’ve published recently:

Thanks for reading and sharing the above.