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Things I’m thankful for in 2014

credit: blake snow

credit: blake snow

I haven’t written one of these in half a decade. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here goes again. 

  1. Waste removal. I didn’t realize it ’till I read this book, but trash removal and working plumbing was a huge victory for Team Human. Although we’ve collectively enjoyed waste removal for more than a century, I’m thankful someone picks up my curbside trash once a week, and I’m grateful I can defecate in an air conditioned in-house. Both make the world a healthier and better place.
  2. Intellectual stimuli. Including classes I tookbooks I read, and opponents played. Of everything, this was my favorite.
  3. Good music. I’ll say it to my grave: Life is better with song and dance.
  4. Good health. I’m feeling great and recovering well after my second back surgery. I’m even doing grandma-style aerobics now! The body’s resiliency is extraordinary.
  5. New experiences. That goes for the best Italian meal I’ve ever eaten (at Cuoco Italian Table, which has sadly since closed), The Black Hills, Oregonia (aka Crater Lake and the Redwoods), and even my neurotic dog, who drives me batty every few days.
  6. Google Fiber. It’s delightful.
  7. Home ownership. Whoever coined the phrase, “Renting is throwing your money away” is a doofus. I’m grateful for the 10+ years Lindsey and I rented. It sheltered us, freed us from maintenance obligations, kept us from being house-poor, and allowed us to save. But I’m also grateful for the sense of pride and nesting that occurs with home ownership, which Lindsey and I endeavored this year. After declaring Provo “home” many years ago, now we finally have our highly illiquid, immovable asset (aka anchor).
  8. Powerwheels. It’s the most joyous toy I’ve purchased so far for my kids and much faster than what me and my brother grew up on.
  9. Dark chocolate. It’s delectable and makes baked goods taste better.
  10. My wife. She’s proof that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. She also taught me my greatest lesson this year: Never postpone what you have the desire and means to do today.
  11. My children. They teach me a great deal, for example. They’re also loyal, forgiving, unconditionally loving, hilarious, challenging, inspiring, anti-depressing, anti-aging… I’m still discovering the rest. I’m thankful for them.
  12. My clients. They help me afford my rock ‘n roll lifestyle, feed mouths, trust me, and accept my advice sometimes. Thank you, Dell, Cognizant, Lenovo, American Express, Citrix, Nike, PepsiCo, EMC, Broadcom, Fox News, and Wesley Lovvorn.

What are you thankful for this year?