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Top 10 greatest things ever (my ranking)

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I like rankings. Although imperfect, they quickly prioritize the best things in life. At least those that the widest number of people recommend seeing, doing, and experiencing.

After seeing this ambitious list, top 10 greatest things ever (as voted by the internet), I thought to myself, “Oh, this should be interesting or funny.” But it was actually quite good!

Although movies and books should have cracked the list, I think the voters got this 90% right. Here’s my slight re-ording plus commentary:

  1. God. If there is an artist behind Earth, life, and the universe, that’s pretty great. I believe there is, so I agree with the internet—God gets the top spot, even if I’m not as close to him as the VIPs in my life.
  2. Family. Although I loved seeing music number #2 on the internet’s list, I gotta put family and food before it. As social creatures, family enhances the human experience like nothing else, and facilitates much of the rest on this list. So I move it from three to two.
  3. Food. As much as I love music, I love food more, so it gets the third spot for me.
  4. Music. I think this has something to do with the “breath of life” spoken of in the Bible. I really do. And it’s my favorite form of media, so I love that the internet agrees with me.
  5. Love. Being in love, either romantically, familially, or platonically is a wonderful thing. It deserves the fifth spot.
  6. Movies. While the internet voted “life” the fifth greatest thing in life, that seemed redundant to me. So I’m putting movies here instead, which I think is the greatest form of modern day storytelling.
  7. Books. When it comes to long-form storytelling and educating oneself, nothing beats these.
  8. Internet. The internet voted “internet” 7th on the list of greatest things (one ahead of Jesus), which I smiled at but didn’t immediately dispute. Since I consider Jesus “God,” I’m okay combining him with the top spot. And I think the intent is the greatest educational tool in human history, let alone a facilitator of the human “family.” It deserves to be on this list.
  9. Water. The internet voted “video games” #9 on this list, suggesting that it was largely ranked by younger males. But they did put “water” in the 10th spot, which I thought was a good place for it. Not amazing, but certainly so when you’re thirsty, and more immediately important than even food. Oh, that and it makes life on earth possible, so it deserves to be on the list.
  10. Dogs. I would put wildlife here, but I think domesticated dogs are even better.  How many lonely people have they encouraged to live on? How much joy have they brought to the human species as our best friend? Is there anything more loyal than a dog? I say no. So I say they deserve the 10th and final spot on the list. Even ahead of “art,” which I’d put at 11.

How would you rank the greatest things ever in life?