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More than just a buzzword: Top 10 superfoods backed by science

Courtesy Highbrow

Courtesy Highbrow

In the early 1900s, bananas may have been named the world’s first superfood. At the time, even The American Medical Association praised them for being “sealed by nature in practically germ-proof packages.”*

Although still one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat, bananas are no longer consider a superfood. (I eat one every morning, however, as they’re always in season). Trendy things like acai berries, green tea, quinoa, kale and other manufactured foods are. It’s gotten so out of hand, that the FDA issued a warning letter recently about falsely advertised “superfoods.” As of 2007, the European Union has prohibited food makers from using the term “superfood.”

So how can we distinguish marketing hype from science when seeking out nutrient-rich foods? Highbrow did just that recently. This is what they came up with—the top 10 superfoods backed by science. 

  1. Honey. The most concentrated potion of natural sugars ever. Never rots, thanks to bee wizardry.
  2. Broccoli. Hated by kids but high in fiber and more vitamin C than citrus fruits.
  3. Lentils. A low-caloric, mostly tasteless, but nutrient-rich seed. (see also: beans)
  4. Eggs. Holy protein, Batman! Gaston ate 4 dozen a day.
  5. Avocados. Fatty proteins and vitamins make a wonderful Mexican side.
  6. Quinoa. Protein and mineral-rich seed like lentils that lack flavor.
  7. Spinach. Arguably the best leafy green ever cultivated. Best in salads and smoothies.
  8. Walnuts. Fiber, protein, fat, and minerals. Totally delicious. (see also: almonds)
  9. Blueberries. Next to avocado, this is the world’s most nutrient-rich fruit.
  10. Garlic. Not as flavorful as onions, but packed with more goodness. Also keeps vampires away.

So there you have it. On a side note, this is the third separate time I’ve blogged about Highbrow. Over the last 18 months, their free daily courses have sharpened my hat holder like no other. I highly recommend them.

*mild chuckle