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Top 5 songs from Phoenix’s upcoming album, Bankrupt!


I heard an advance preview of Phoenix’s upcoming album, Bankrupt. It does not disappoint. Overall, it rivals the must-own quality of their last three albums, and runs circles around their forgettable debut album.

While Bankrupt doesn’t charter new territory, it’s undeniably fun. It will make you want to dance and sing. It’s like eating a perfectly ripe peach in August after waiting a really long time to indulge in the familiar sweetness.

For all the people with good taste who plan on adding this album to their library, here are five essential tracks I suspect you’ll be humming most:

  1. S.O.S. in Bel Air. This song is so good. Catchy hooks. Uptempo. Exclamatory. “Put my name on your list! S.O.S. in Bel Air!!!!!” I could listen all day.
  2. Entertainment. The first single is the second best of the album. Not only is it the opening track, it basically says, “We’re back. If you love Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, you’re gonna like this album, too. And to keep things fresh, we’ve added a lot of Asian sounds on at least four tracks that you’re sure to enjoy.” I know I did.
  3. The Real Thing. One of the great things about Phoenix is their unorthodox melodies and phrasing. There’s no greater example of this than The Real Thing. You’ll want to sing along and will feel confident in doing so. But it’ll take a lot of practice to get it right, which means you’ll keep it on repeat for good reason.
  4. Chloroform. Another chorus with an accessible but challenging phrasing. And a nice slow beat like something off of Alphabetical.
  5. Trying to be cool. This song will make you feel cool. Easy listening. Classic Phoenix.

HONORABLE MENTION: Don’t. The most driving song on the album, heavily inspired by both Vampire Weekend and Fun. Also contains my favorite drum track.

I’m biased, but I’m betting this will be a top five album of the year for me come December. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.