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What I’m excited about this spring

It’s wonderful to see pandemic world sprouting in more ways than one this spring. I’m not sure what the future holds, but it sure does feel like society turned a corner.

In my own village, here’s what I’m excited about right now:

  1. I’m working more than I have in a year. Pandemic slowed my paid writing jobs like never before. It was an uneasy span of several months, followed by an uptick of new work last fall, followed by another drop in work through February. Since then, things are really picking up. I’m working more for past clients and starting projects for new ones. I’m not a pre-covid levels yet but it seems as though I might just get there by summer, if not later this year. As the sole provider of my household, it’s a wonderful feeling that allows me to enjoy the other parts of my life. Such as…
  2. I’m playing more music than before. Between my debut record, cover band shows, and personal playing, I haven’t played this much music since college, if not high school. I’m obsessed and spend several more hours actively listening and learning new songs, writing demos here and there for my next album, and even teaching my daughter how to play bass. My band has four upcoming shows this spring and several more in the works for summer. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Singing, playing, and performing music brings me so much joy.
  3. I play soccer and pickleball once a week now. Before pandemic, I played pickleball once a week. That all died for nearly a year in quarantine, which was difficult for both exercise and socialization reasons. This month, my friend invited me to play soccer once a week with a group of college kids at BYU’s indoor practice field which is a lot of fun! And our weekly pickleball nights are up to 10 players some nights. It’s great to see the world getting together again.
  4. I get to watch my kids play spring sports. My children are all playing soccer right now, and one of them is running high school track. My wife and I went to our first track meet recently and loved being outside and watching our daughter (and others) compete. While I miss watching college and professional sports and likely won’t for a while until crowds return, I’m more than happy to watch amateurs play indefinitely. Even better when it’s my own children competing. After soccer and track, there’s baseball/softball and swimming to enjoy.
  5. I’m taking my family to a desert oasis. For spring break this year, Lindsey and I are taking the kids to a palm-lined pool resort in Nevada for a few days. We did this several years ago and are looking forward to kicking it by the pool in 75-85 degree weather.

Readers, what are you excited about this spring?