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10 commodities I constantly love

My friend Tommaso and I after eating fresh pasta

Since much of the world is still partially closed or weird, I’ve taken a lot of comfort over the last year in the “simple things.” By that I mean everyday common things that are perpetually satisfying.

For example, here are 10 in particular that are paramount to me:

  1. Music. Oh, gosh. I could talk, think, and play this stuff all day, ever day. I’m borderline obsessed with my band, my record, and discovering new songs like I did when I was in high school. I love it more than any other medium. 
  2. Water. I drink a gallon a day. It makes me feel fantastic. I prefer it undiluted, no inclusions. It’s totally worth pissing for. It’s also great for swimming. 
  3. Writing. I like being on both ends of this superb invention. I like reading it. I like crafting it. I love sharing it. 
  4. Sunsets. Any time the sun is on the horizon, really, be it dusk or dawn. Not only is the sun stunning, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the universe’s most romantic fireball. 
  5. Movies. I miss new, well-rated, smart movies that have been put on hold for nearly a year. But I still enjoy the massive back catalog of hits and look forward to new ones soon. 
  6. Mountains. This isn’t a commodity for everyone. But I’m surrounded by these lovelies on nearly three sides. I find them comforting and when coupled with sun on the horizon, they look magnificent nearly every day. 
  7. Peanuts. A superfood, hyper-affordable, extremely nutritious vegetable that my dad introduced me to. I love everything about them, especially the dry roasted kind. The crunch. The taste. These are never boring to me. 
  8. Money. When treated as a game you have to hustle for, business can be a lot of fun. I enjoy chasing paper and am grateful for the ease it creates in acquiring the things and experiences I love. It’s even better to make it work for you (and I’m not talking about interest) rather than being a slave to it. 
  9. People. Oh, my. They’re sometimes broken, annoying, and even hurtful. But on the whole these things are amazing. I love hanging out with most of them. They’re inspiring. Anyone who roots against humans is a ridiculous troll. 
  10. Food. Oh, boy! I could talk, think, and eat this stuff all day. Whenever someone asks what super power I would wish for, it’s always the same answer: a bottomless metabolism (aka Metabolism Man!) so I could eat all day without killing myself. 

What are your favorite commodities?