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Bragging to my kids: “30 cool things your dad has done”

My wife recently encouraged me to write a list of accomplishments to share with my kids. “Dad’s done some pretty cool things,” she told them. “He’s just super modest about a lot of them. 😊”

Modest or not, here goes!

  1. I interviewed Shaun White and Travis Rice — the world’s two greatest snowboarders — for a story I wrote. I’ve also interviewed several billionaire and millionaire CEOs of Fortune 500 companies for books and articles I’ve written.
  2. I started and ran a Nintendo blog for six years called “Infendo” which launched my writing career. At its peak it was read by hundreds of thousands of people every month and earned $700 a month in advertising. I later sold that blog the day for low five figures, which I used to buy my “dream” truck. 😁
  3. In the early days of social media, two of my articles made the top 20 most read internet stories in a single day, reaching over 50 million people. Another story I wrote for CNN was read by over 30 million people.
  4. I get paid to fly all over the world. I’ve visited all seven continents, dozens of countries, hundreds of cities, and all but 13 states. Some of my favorite places include Antarctica, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, France, Italy, Ireland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Slovenia, Utah, and California.
  5. I saw the Northern Lights with your mother in Alaska and they look like the curtains of heaven swaying in the night sky.
  6. I’ve published two books, Log Off and Measuring History. The former was a bestseller its first year.
  7. I’ve written for 80% of the world’s top 50 websites, magazines, and newspapers. Those include NBC, National Geographic, CNN, USA Today, Wired, Fox, ABC, USA Today, and more.
  8. I’ve also written for many of the world’s top 100 companies, including Nike, Google, Pepsi, Dell, Adobe, American Express, Marriott, SAP, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, SAP, and 80% of the world’s biggest consulting companies.
  9. I’ve been to more than 100 rock concerts. I’ve seen the Beastie Boys, The Who, Muse, Coldplay, Maroon 5, The Offspring, Rage Against The Machine, Keane, OMD, U2, Warp Tour, Lollapalooza, and Coachella.
  10. I’ve written, recorded, and produced three indie pop rock albums, Mr. Mustache, Less Bad, and The Breakers. Over 100,000 people streamed my music in a single year.
  11. I’ve performed twice at The Velour, which National Public Radio called the most important and prolific live music venue in Utah.
  12. I’ve cold plunged into freezing waters all over the world. I’ve skinny dipped in many of them too. Your mother supported me every time.
  13. I finished 9th in the 400 meter state of Oklahoma finals as a 10 year old. I was bummed that I finished third from last, but your grandpa greeted me with a big smile saying I was the ninth fastest fourth grader in a state of one million, which made me feel really good about myself.
  14. I designed hundreds of sneakers as a boy and sent Nike my very best designs in middle school. They sent a nice letter back with my designs thanking me and encouraging me to stay creative. Just do it.
  15. I played drums in a college band with the older brother of Dan Reynold, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons. We lost a battle of the bands contest at BYU because the lead judge said, “You rock too hard.” 🤘🤣
  16. I’ve read over 300 books in my life, including Tolstoy, Dumas, Dickens, Austen, Steinbeck, Hemingway, Orwell, Christie, Twain, Mary Shelly and many other classic authors. Shakespeare bores me. 🤷‍♂️ Bill Bryson and Lauren Hillenbrand are my favorite modern authors.
  17. The Killers are my favorite band, followed closely by Daft Punk, Tame Impala, Muse, and Phoenix. Green Day’s Dookie is what inspired me to learn guitar.
  18. I chase experiences more than things.
  19. I quit smoking cigarettes, pot, and drinking alcohol shortly after experimenting with them in high school. They numbed me, killed my soul, and robbed me of the ability to fully experience everything life has to offer.
  20. I’ve been on several African safaris, swam with dolphins twice, and whale sharks once. I’ve seen up close lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, leopards, hippos, cheetahs, zebras, buffalo, bears, and moose.
  21. I’ve eaten raw baby squid, chocolate covered insects, and confusing foods that were an exotic plant or some kind of animal for all I know.
  22. I’ve been skydiving and bungee jumping twice.
  23. I’ve run two marathons.
  24. I can consecutively do 32 pushups, 17 pull-ups, and plank for five minutes.
  25. I’m a good snowboarder and have hiked some of the greatest treks on earth, including the Patagonia, The Alps, much of Southern Utah, and Yosemite to name a few. I’ve surfed about 18 times on three different continents and am good for someone who doesn’t live by the ocean.
  26. I was previously a top rated, 96% chess player on the most popular chess app.
  27. I was one of the first people in the world to play Wii at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles as a working journalist. It felt amazing to be escorted to the front of a line that was taking peasants several hours to wait in!
  28. I married your mother, whom I met in a hot tub.
  29. I’ve successfully completed marriage counseling and anger management. I only swore three times last year.
  30. I’ve raised five children that I’m often complimented on. Next to my marriage, you are my greatest accomplishment.

Thank you for reading. 🙏

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