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Even naked album covers grow up

Remember how embarrassed Elaine from Seinfeld was when she discovered her home made Christmas card — photographed by Kramer — partially exposed her right nipple? That was only sent to a few dozen people. Now imagine if gajillions of people saw your wedding tackle, in full view mind you, on the cover of Nirvana’s seminal 1991 album, Nevermind.

That’s precisely the reality facing 17-year old Spencer Elden, of Los Angeles, California. NPD has the story:

Elden’s naked participation in this important moment in music history was rather accidental; Kirk Weddle, the photographer working on the cover, was simply a friend of Spencer’s dad… Over the coming years, 26 million albums were sold. As Elden learned to walk, talk and sing — his pale baby arms stretched across millions of grungy fans’ walls; his private parts stood magnified across billboards and floors.

Count me as one of the 26 million that own the album, from which Elden only netted a commemorative record, a teddy bear, and $200. Sorry dude.

[Thanks, Josh]